Angus Hay

 I help SMEs and startups to 
 achieve (seemingly) impossible things 

Growth & Strategy Consultant

Some recent career highlights:​

  • Secured innovation grants for clients impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Grew an established business by 260% in 3 months by optimising sales & marketing.

  • Tripled the turnover of a stagnant company in a challenging industry within 6 months.

  • Grew a struggling startup by 1800% with aggressive pricing strategies.



⭑ Growth strategy ⭑ Business development ⭑ Project management ⭑
Sales & marketing improvement ⭑ Innovation & disruption ⭑ Funding & grants

Based in Edinburgh.

Available for freelance, contract or consulting projects UK-wide.


Angus is extraordinarily competitive and incredibly knowledgeable.

He seemed to breeze through complex challenges and the results he has produced have been outstanding!

Andrew R.

Elite Homecarers


 So...what do I do? 

The short version?
I look for opportunities and the best way to profit from them.
And I identify problems and work out the best ways to solve them.


The not-so-short version...

I create and execute strategies to help small-medium businesses to be more competitive, innovative and relevant.

I have a strong ability to spot hidden opportunities and my unique methodology ensures that even the most ambitious growth plans can be strategised, tested and executed quickly with limited resources.

Since 2004, I have been hired by businesses of all sizes to help them achieve aggressive or competitive growth from initial concepts and ideas through to market testing, project management and execution.


Working as a contractor, freelancer or consultant, I've helped over 250 businesses to become more competitive, innovative and relevant. Along the way, I've also bought/started and sold multiple successful businesses of my own.​


 What I offer 

 Tailored services for businesses from £0-15m turnover 

Growth consulting

Tailored consulting programs to achieve aggressive but realistic business growth.

Growth projects

Fixed-term projects to tackle short/medium-term challenges.

Strategic action plans

Hand-crafted project plans to help you and your team work towards business growth.

Business intelligence

Ongoing analysis and reporting of business performance with tailored improvement advice.

Advice & support

Phone, video and email support whenever you need it.

Brainstorming sessions

Individual or group sessions to address challenges or maximise opportunities.


I love working with Angus. He has an inspiring way of crafting new business ideas that we had never considered and turning them into profitable outcomes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angus' services to other businesses.

Laurie C.

Large Security


 Recent achievements 

 A few highlights from my recent work 

Image by Patrick Perkins

Worked with multiple government bodies to create economic development strategies to support various business sectors through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image by Hack Capital

Introduced multiple commercial routes for a software startup, increasing its potential scalability by 1700%.

Image by Peter Cordes

Secured innovation grant funding to finance growth projects for a group of Edinburgh-based companies impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Hands Working on Magazine Print

Bought a loss-making publishing company and increased its profitability by 650% within 14 months.

Image by Halacious

Bought a struggling creative agency and multiplied its turnover by 18x within 18 months.

Old and Young

Achieved 320% growth within 6 months for a healthcare company who had been stagnant for 9 years.



Freelance growth strategist

2004 - present

Worked with more than 250 startups and small/medium businesses to introduce innovative ways to achieve competitive, realistic growth.

Chief Commercial Officer

2018 - present

Developing and executing end-to-end strategies, providing routes to market for a variety of solutions for the care sector.

Managing Director

2018 - 2019

Bought a loss-making lifestyle magazine and increased the value by 650% within 18 months before selling for substantial profit.

Managing Partner

2016 - 2018

Developed and managed a network of freelancers in the capacity of a business growth agency.

Managing Partner

2014 - 2016

Bought a struggling creative agency catering to a budget-conscious market. Overhauled the business model and pricing strategy after acquiring the company leading to an 1800% increase in turnover within two years.

Director of Strategy

2012 - 2014

Joined a stagnant homecare agency and overhauled business practices with subsequent repercussions throughout the sector, resulting in a 400% growth within 12 months.

Head of Sales & Negotiations

2010 - 2012

Lead negotiations on automotive finance with some of the world's largest manufacturers and finance organisations.

Sales Strategist

2007 - 2010

Worked with numerous multinational organisations to improve the performance of sales and marketing teams.


Angus' guidance and support has been more than effective in our development - it has been invaluable.
I cannot recommend Angus highly enough. He has a talent and foresight that I have come to rely on.

David S.



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